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Babies (under 2's)

Our baby and toddler rooms provide warmth, fun and security. They are welcoming and stimulating rooms. Our staff will encourage your baby to freely explore and enjoy their play activities in a relaxed environment allowing them to develop their confidence, independence and learning.
There’s a wide range of equipment and activities available to keep your little one stimulated and engaged. Everything from messy play, sand and water, to role-play, book corner, cookery and gardening activities and many more exciting and challenging activities so that your child can fully express interests and build on their budding independence.

To give you an idea on some of the experiences your baby might be involved includes:

•    Peek-a-boo’ and other simple interactive games to encourage social interaction.
•    Treasure Baskets (baskets containing sensory items with different textures, sounds and smells).
•    Music, songs, rhymes, to copy actions and musical instruments to explore different concepts such as loud and soft, fast and to get different facial      expressions from the different sounds of music.
•    Extensive selection of books, stories and rhymes which helps to develop communication and language.
•    Water play, paint, play dough help develop creativity and is a sensory experience for young children.
•    Outside fun – Taking the children outside. Let them feel different surfaces, let them sit and crawl on the grass, feel stones and leaves with              supervision – some objects can look like a tasty treat!


We know how important it is for children of this age to receive continuity of care between nursery and home, therefore the nursery staff will ensure your child’s familiar routine is maintained.

Toddler & Preschool Rooms

The Toddler room is situated on the ground floor of the nursery setting. It is a spacious room where your child can manoeuvre to various activities. The room is divided into sections so that practitioners can work with your child on a one to one basis or can be easily opened up for group activities. 

With a variety of areas for your child to explore there’s no shortage of things to do, from construction play to exploring the small world area, to investigating natural sand and water.
All our carers will carefully plan activities around your child’s interests, to fully ensure children are always enjoying themselves as well as learning something new that will surprise you everyday.

This is also where your child will have their first exposure to the big world of preschool. These rooms are larger in size, the equipment and resources are little more grown up , as are the activities. Don’t worry though as our practioner’s will carefully plan your childs day and activities to ensure their transition is as smooth as can be, with almost no disruption to their development, in fact we’ve already found our children are more keen to make the jump before we’d like them to!

Finally when your child is ready to move up to the Preschool room they will benefit from carefully planned early years educational subjects (using the EYFS framework), structured and free play. They will develop social skills, independence and self-esteem and be prepared for the transition into school. We’ll be busy encouraging a wide and fun range of activities including arts and crafts, sand and water, music and dance, IT, reading and of course the popular role-play area. This is where your child is prepared for school, developing literacy and numeracy skills and is given physical education opportunities.
The preschool rooms encourages total free flow, so children are allowed to choose some of the activities and carers will encourage them to attempt other activities, which are new and different to them so they get the best both worlds. Children have all day access to the garden where there is a totally new dimension added to the fun they can have!


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